Who is Equipoise Imaging?

Equipoise Imaging, LLC is a research, development, and consulting group in Baltimore, Maryland. We create and apply imaging, computational, and scientific tools to solve research problems and to aid users in the research and science communities. Many of our tools are also well-matched to applications in the arts and humanities.

Our expertise in optics, biotechnology, medical research, digital imaging, and image processing is helping us solve riddles of the past and meet challenges of the future.

From measuring the structure of cells to uncovering archeological ruins; from exploring evolving genomes to reconstructing extinct species using images of fossilized remains; from probing ancient art objects to engineering new materials, Equipoise Imaging can help you realize your goals.

EqPi creates solutions.

Equipoise Imaging, LLC has used its innovative spectral imaging techniques to change the world of antiquities imaging. Our EurekaVision system is being used to gather data with exquisite sensitivity and unparalleled color accuracy from some of the most treasured antiquities on the planet. Among our past and ongoing projects are:

Whether your application is in the arts or sciences, if your research calls for thinking and working in a higher dimension, EqPi can help. Recently we've helped clients explore and discover in biotechnology, the humanities, and remote sensing, in areas that include:

  • Multispectral imaging of ancient manuscripts
  • Fluorescence imaging for blood analysis
  • Polarimetry of advanced materials
  • Confocal microscopy of art objects and in forensics
  • Video microscopy of human cancer cells
  • Target recognition from airborne platforms
  • Virtual reconstruction of museums objects
  • 3D imaging for rapid and virtual prototyping
  • Cell tracking for clinical medicine
  • DNA array tools for genomics

EqPi has developed a range of specialized image processing tools for its clients. Many of these extend widely used software packages, including:
  • NIH Image (Macintosh), the widely used image acquisition and processing tool from NIH
  • Object-Image (Macintosh), a greatly enhanced version of NIH Image
  • Scion Image (Windows and Macintosh), with support for all of Scion's frame grabber boards
  • ImageSXM (Macintosh), enhanced for use with scanning probe microscopy
  • ImageJ (Macintosh, Windows, and Linux), a platform-independent Java tool
  • Photoshop (Windows and Macintosh), the mainstream commercial application

Download area.

Trial versions of several of our tools are available for download. Full-featured versions of these tools are available for online purchase.

Equipoise-Image is an enhanced version of the widely used image processors NIH Image and Object-Image.

Equipoise-Image adds macro authoring tools allowing authors to create encrypted macros that run within Equipoise-Image but that are invisible to users. This allows macro authors to market their work without fear of unauthorized use - only users who have purchased a key from you may use the macros. It also adds several new commands to the macro language of Object-Image.

Equipoise-Image may be freely distributed and is 100% compatible with NIH Image and Object-Image. In Equipoise-Image, all macros written using NIH Image or Object-Image will run exactly as they always have.

Equipoise-Image download page

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